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C+R  is honored to receive 2 awards this year by the Florida American Society of Landscape Architects (FLASLA) . The 2016 FLASLA Design Awards program “encourages the advancement, expansion, and recognition of the Landscape Architecture profession. As Landscape Architects, let us honor projects that blend environmental and artistic principles, emphasizing beauty, function, and the environment. These works of excellence that represent the value inherent to Landscape Architecture.”

The Naturalized Roadways concept received the  Award of Excellence in the Conceptual category, while Garden of the Arts received an Award of Merit in the Open Space Category.  We are proud of our entire team for their hard work and dedication to the advancement of our profession.

Keep reading to learn more about these award winning projects.

Naturalized Roadways

Project Synopsis : At Curtis + Rogers we believe that we have the ability and responsibility to positively impact our cities, people, and environment through thoughtful design.  With that approach, we have re-envisioned three interchanges along a harsh portion of the Palmetto Expressway.  A vision inspired by the existing industrial environment, lost natural environments, and the motorist experience.  We focused on naturalizing the interchanges via ecological patches that can serve as habitat rich stepping stones that allow the highway to serve as a facilitator in re-establishing natural systems.  These systems would introduce native plant communities, bird habitat, and pollinator habitat to the urban matrix.  At the same time, they will display native vegetation to motorists while enhancing their experience and cognitive state by exposing them to nature.  All with a goal to make a positive and enduring impact on our environment and those that inhabit it.

C+R Project Credits : Aida Curtis (Managing Principal), Ralph Ferrer (Lead Design/Project Manager), TJ Marston, Julio Persivale

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Garden of the Arts 

Project Synopsis : In Garden of the Arts, Curtis + Rogers Design Studio re-purposed underutilized urban infrastructure into an open-air cultural art museum for the community of Hialeah, Florida.  The site sits nestled between an industrial area, an elementary school, and single family housing on an active transmission right-of-way.   The goal of the garden was to create individual experiences of inspiration, education, and quiet contemplation in a lush tropical garden setting. The winding paths of the .5 mi loop break at various cultural markers where sculptures and murals created by renowned artists educate the user on the rich history of the City of Hialeah.  In between markers, lush tropical planting, expansive view corridors, and soft undulating topography create dynamic moments. These moments embrace the site’s co-function as a transmission right-of-way creating an experience unique to any park in Miami.

C+R Project Credits : Aida Curtis (Managing Principal), TJ Marston (Lead Design/Project Manager), Gerald Marston, Julio Persivale









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