Nov 212014

150912_FPL_TotLot_In 2011 C+R was asked to study the US1 Corridor paying particular attention to the underutilized land under the existing metrorail.  Our team felt strongly that we needed not only to enhance the land under the metro, but envision this space as a new urban multiuse park traveling the length of US-1 from Brickell to Pinecrest and beyond.    After all, there are shiny new parks in city’s popping up all over the world revitalizing urban space attached to existing and old transportation networks.  The Highline by JCFO being the most prominent example.

Challenges include:  dangerous intersections, continuity, adjacent uses and their relationship to the corridor, increasing ridership and pedestrian and bicycle safety alongside a heavily traveled roadway.

Based on extensive research C+R developed an enhancement plan which proposed a linear park under the metrorail with key pilot projects inclusive of financial and maintenance management strategies. The following are some examples of our proposal at that time:


210912_UM-metro-plaza_small 170912_17th-intersection_small270912_FoodTruckPlaza_small

In early 2014, the Friends of the Underline was founded by Meg Daly and the idea to transform the space under the metrorail has spread like wildfire.  We are so happy to see that so many prominent players are supporting the Underline as we are too! We encourage everyone to follow their initiative and support the project.

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