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MS-Aug 10

Imagination Tent and Murals Under Construction

Curtis + Rogers has been working with Mayan School for over 10 years, preparing their master plan and providing consulting services to improve the campus and provide more opportunities for sustainable student learning. 

Sometimes when you give a little, you get a lot in return. We love having opportunities to give back a little, and this summer we participated in creating the new pre-school garden for the Mayan School in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We worked with the preschool teachers to develop the activities that matched their curriculum.  Utilizing local resources and materials we created a colorful space with thematic murals fitting into the particular center area – musicalia, growing garden, our community, reading center and shapes.  Used pots and pans where placed in frames for the musicalia exploration.  Remnants of drainage tubes where used as interactive places to learn shapes.  Colors where introduced to the school via plants, planters.  The children’s faces and experiences during the day make all the efforts worthwhile.


Check out our progress!

MS-Aug 11

Mural and Painted Seating/Planter

MS-Aug 17

Tot Area Play Tubes in Progress


MS-Aug 19

Music Station in Progress – Hanging Pots and Pans Coming Soon!

The children are loving the new play opportunities and learning centers.  Check out some pictures from the first day of school:

photo 3

Tube Slides – Completed!

1st day

Tot Area Music Center and Murals

More pictures to come!

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