Aug 052014
2014-04-01_Hialeah Park_Plaza

View of Hialeah Racetrack Plaza

C+R is proud to unveil our design for this new park in Hialeah, Florida!  Hialeah Cultural Park is envisioned to be a lush tropical park tucked into a quiet urban community.  The neighborhood has little to no existing public space amenities, so the City of Hialeah working with FPL (Florida Power and Light) found a creative way to provide much needed green space. The land, donated by FPL, is an existing FPL transmission right-of-way currently not accessible to the public.  Our design team including engineers RJ Behar and Associates  worked with FPL to create a park which fits the functional requirements of a transmission right-of-way while providing a meandering path through rich vegetation for people to stroll and learn about the rich history of Hialeah.


Hialeah Cultural Park – Concept Plan

The C+R team designed elements into the park plazas to enhance the story of Hialeah from its roots in the Native Americans who named Hialeah (meaning “High Prairie”) to the Hialeah Park Racetrack to looking forward to its future.  The landscape within the plazas will serve as a backdrop for local artists’ interpretive work throughout the park.

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Detail Plan : Hialeah Racetrack Plaza

 The park proves Hialeah is a city willing to go above and beyond to find creative ways to provide for its people.  The park could only have been achieved by great community and business leaders coming together to do something positive for a community, and push beyond ideas to implementation.  We are proud to have been a strong part of this process and look forward to the completion of the park.  Stay tuned for more updates – construction starts soon!





  One Response to “Power Park : A First Look at Hialeah Cultural Park”

  1. Hello,

    I have resided one block from the location of the new park since 1977 and I think the development of that area which used to be a field of weeds under power lines is a wonderful idea. My only two concerns are that 1) the parking lot will be usurped by the parents dropping off and picking up their students from the Elementary school across the street and 2) the unfortunate close proximity, next door, to a strip joint (sorry) exotic dancing establishment whose parking lot is right next to the western edge of the park.

    So far the progress is impressive, the lights recently installed are so charming I think, for continuity sake, they should continue around to my block on West 74 Street.

    Wonderful transformation. Thanks again.

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